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The tenacious John Stone is up against good ol’ boy Spencer Reed. Spencer is a shy, quiet guy — until show time. He brings his high school wrestling and college brawling experience to the mat, and is all smiles while dominating John Stone. John brings a good amount of tenacity to the ring, but no [...]

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Muscle Men Extreme Oil Wrestling Porn

Naked Kombat presents its first ever shoot in front of a live audience! The fighters for these lucky guests are no strangers to the sport. Patrick Rouge and Tyler Saint have both dealt their fair share of domination on the mat. Patrick has one win and one loss to his credit but has proved himself [...]

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Buff Gay Men Wrestling In Oil

The masculine and ripped Trent Diesel is back again. This week he takes on newcomer, Ryan Rockford. Ryan is an ex navy seal who has training in judo, boxing, and wrestling. His body is solid muscle. In order to improve his skills, Trent has been hitting the gym and doing lots of cardio, combined with [...]

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Erotic Male Oil Wrestling Movie

Troy Daniels returns to Naked Kombat with an 0:1 record. He has been training hard for this match and is determined to walk away with a win. His opponent is newcomer to Naked Kombat, Sami Damo. Sami is a bad ass from NYC and is very cocky. He feels that his experience on the streets [...]

Erotic Gay Oil Wrestling

This week on Naked Kombat, two newcomers go head to head in a battle for sexual dominance. Chad Anderson has a hot, muscular, body and a huge, thick cock. His background is in kickboxing and he plans to quickly find his opponents weakness and use it to his advantage. He has every intention to mop [...]

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Gay Interracial Oil Wrestling

Newcomer Scott Alexander has boxing, kickboxing and wrestling experience. He is going to take down his opponent hard and then fuck him with his big, black dick. Jeremy Tyler, also a rookie to Naked Kombat but he’s not a rookie to fighting. He wrestles competitively and he will do everything he can to avoid getting [...]

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It looked like both guys set off here desperate to be victors and fuck ass. To be fucked by either of them with their limbs gripped around the torso would be an extreme pleasure. They both gave erotic performances in their wrestling. Allesio looked great wriggling his tail and I felt like picking him up [...]

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Gay Oil Wrestling

By popular demand, Tyler Saint brings his muscled body, massive dick and, powerful wrestling skills back to Naked Kombat after almost 2 years. The stud is bigger and more ripped than ever and boasts that he’s gonna take down his opponent and fuck him till he breaks him in two. Alessio Romero is no stranger [...]

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Interracial Nude Oil Wrestling Video

Furry Latin hunk Alessio Romero and ripped ebony muscle god Race Cooper are best buds in real life. So what happens when you throw them both on the mat and they have to wrestle? Are they gonna take it easy on each other or will they remember what’s at stake and bring on their A [...]

Nude Men Erotic Oil Wrestling

Really enjoyable, fun match. I’m sure that Mike, being the smaller guy, enjoyed winning against his much larger lover. Alexander is certainly a hot, muscular hunk whom I would love to watch against some other hot muscle wrestlers. Many times I have said that the position for sex is the winner’s choice, whether it is [...]

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